Advantages of Elcon Elastomers Belts
  • High tensile resistance with low elongation
  • Good trough-ability and impact resistance
  • High flexibility of the carcass to prevent while wrapping over pulleys
  • Available up to 1400 mm width and any number of plies
  • Excellent cover to ply adhesion
  • Good surface electrical conductivity, resistance to fire, and flame propagation
  • Resistance to vegetable and mineral oils
  • Suitable for mechanical fasteners
  • The superioraging characteristics allow rubber covers to withstand extremes for long periods

  • Range of Elcon Elastomers Belts
  • Hardness - 30 to 80
  • Thickness - Up to 25 mm
  • Fabric Piles - 2 to 9 in Nylon
  • Width - Up to 1400 mm
  • Polymers used - Natural, SBR, EPDM, Nitrile, and Neoprene

  • Selection of Belts by Application
    Selection of Belts by Application

    Belt Selection Chart
    Selection of Belts by Application

  • The weight of M-24 and N-17 grade of Rubber Cover is 1.15 kg. / k.q.m thickness. For other special grades of Rubber Cover please contact us
  • Figures indicated under nominal carcass thickness and nominal carcass weight columns are provided for basic design consideration only
  • The figure in the Rating column represent the full thickness tensile strength of the Belt in KN / M width and the number of plies in the belt
  • The above chart indicates our standard range of Nylon / EPDM Conveyor Belts
  • Other constructions can be designed and manufactured as per client requirements